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29 years of clinical experience in the behavioral  health field as a licensed professional counselor and supervising  counselor. Certified as a Dialectical Behavior Therapist.

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Cyrilla Beveridge, MS, LPC-S, DBTC, NCC


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Lisa O. Scott, MS, NCC, LPC 

(334) 707-6255




Dr.  Jane Wallis Turnbull-Humphries, PhD, ALC, NCC 

(334) 740-1390




Specialized Certified Training

Certified in Dialectical Behavior Therapy.  DBT is an evidence based therapy that is very effective in helping individuals understand and learn to manage intense negative emotions and how to balance distressing emotional extremes. DBT is very effective in treating numerous behavioral health issues including depression, anger, anxiety, trauma, grief, difficulty controlling emotions and relationship issues.


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Therapy is provided in a non-judgmental and collaborative style. Treatment is designed to lead you to the path that takes you to a life worth living. I firmly believe in our capacity and desire for positive change and I believe that my clients have the inherent strengths and abilities to make the changes they desire to make. If you are ready to navigate life's paths by developing improved confidence, a sense of empowerment and emotional control, please contact us.

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Cyrilla Beveridge is a licensed professional counselor with 29 years of clinical experience working with a broad range of adults and adolescents experiencing emotional distress from a wide range of sources. Cyrilla is certified as a dialectical behavior therapist. DBT is an evidenced based treatment designed to alleviate the pain of intense emotional dysregulation. Cyrilla is also an approved supervising counselor in Alabama who enjoys helping new counselors become licensed independently.

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Saturday and Sunday: Closed, although appointments may be scheduled in unique circumstances.